Score Centre+

New for 2011 is the Score Centre+, a console which allows you to enjoy everything The Open has to offer in just one window.

You’ll find up-to-the-minute scoring information, which you can keep in front of you, while you flick through tee-times, player biographies and latest news.

You’ll find the course guide, with hole-by-hole flyovers, descriptions and the option to play a hole yourself on World Golf Tour’s photo-realistic online game platform.

And you’ll find live coverage from holes 14, 15 and 16, video highlights of the day’s play, and The Open’s new online broadcast — @TheOpen LIVE — a channel, hosted by leading sports presenters, which will take you right to the beating heart of golf’s oldest Major.

Score Centre+: Have everything Open, all in one place.

Other versions are available

An accessible leaderboard is available - here
An iPhone application is avaiable - here

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